Truck And Car Wraps For Fleet Managers

FAQ About Fleet Car and Truck Wraps

You’ve been tasked with finding the best solution to wrap your company’s fleet of cars.  What questions should you ask to make sure you are armed with the right information to make the best decision?  We can help you.  Here are three key questions we suggest you ask during your decision making process.

1)  What materials do you use and do you offer a guarantee?

At Focal Point we use only American Made vinyls, more specifically 3M and Avery.  We do this because quality control is an issue with vinyls imported from other countries.  You want the most reliable car wrap you can get, and 3M and Avery offer warranties.

2)  Are your installers certified?

Both 3M and Avery offer certification courses.  Since we use these high performance vinyls and laminates, it made sense to hire 3M and Avery certified installers who are professionally trained and understand every nuance of the vehicle wrap process and best practices.

3)  Does your quote include lamination?

Laminating the vinyl is important.  We do not recommend wrapping your fleet in vinyl only, for three key reasons:  The first is that non-laminated vinyl is a bear to remove; it rips, tears, and takes significantly more time to remove then when it is laminated.  The second reason is that laminate helps protect the vinyl against scratching and more importantly keeps the color from fading.  We use a UV protective laminate for this very reason.  Lastly laminated vinyl is also easier to install as the laminate adds some weight and body to the vinyl, which saves installation time and ultimately installation cost.