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Design, Color & Font for your Signage, Wall Murals & Vehicle Wraps – Part I

Logos, signs, wall murals, vehicle wraps, and the list keeps going… all are pieces that require a successful and diligent design process in order to stand out while reflecting your brand and message. Many think that once the idea is put together, the design piece is almost completed. Not necessarily so!

Design is a process that offers solutions to specific problems. You want to strive for the best solution and focus your efforts on hiring a company that can meet your needs, and solve your problem, while creating designs that will leave a lasting impression on your target market.

Every design element involves shapes and shadows but most importantly it also includes color. The human eye can see a combination of seven million colors. While some colors have a soothing and lasting effect on the viewer, others can irritate the human vision. Using color in an appropriate manner can maximize the effectiveness of your design. Take the color into consideration as you plan the design of a new wall mural, wall paper or signage for your property, home, building or business.

Stay tuned for Design, Color and Font for your Signage, Wall Murals and Vehicle Wraps – Part II where we discuss Font and Purpose.

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