Exterior Business Signs in Orange County

Your business probably requires a few types of signs including monument signs, custom outdoor signs, and other exterior signage that both enhance and promote your brand.


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Exterior Business Signs FAQ

What kind of Sign Should I get?

The first practical question to ask yourself is whether or not it’s important for your sign to be lit up at night. If you’re on a busy street and want to leverage the visibility of your location, do consider an electrical sign. Even if you aren’t open during the evenings, this is an opportunity to promote your business. Keep in mind that an electrical sign is going to cost more than a dimensional letter sign that isn’t lit up. There are stricter requirements on code and permitting (but don’t worry about that. We are experts in this area and can take care of the sign permitting for you).

Let’s say you’ve decided that “yes” you want a sign that lights up at night. You have several options. The option easiest on the pocket book would be a light box sign. If this is installed above your business – say above the windows or at roof line – the sign would likely be single sided. Using our HPL26500 latex wide format printer we would print in vinyl your graphics (we can also embellish with dimensional lettering) and laminate the graphics to the substrate – what we call a “roll sign print”.

A more impressive option is to have your letters custom fabricated out of aluminum with acrylic facing then installed on a “raceway”. These are called channel letters where each letter has internal LED lights to illuminate them. LED lighting is the best choice because LED uses less electricity than traditional bulb lit signs and LED lights last a very, very long time. This means you don’t have to worry about maintaining your sign as regularly. We can reproduce your logo and virtually any shape as well.
If having an electrical sign is not of importance to you, then there are several questions to consider

What kind of material do you want us to incorporate into your sign design?
Do you want your lettering to be shiny, or would you prefer a metallic finish?

How long do you want your sign to last?

We will work with you through this process and help you determine what will work best for your needs and your budget. In terms of cost – the high end would be solid flat cut metallic letters or custom molded metallic letters. These would also likely require stud mounting which may or may not be an issue with your property manager. We will provide your property manager with fully detailed drawings of your sign including elevations, dimensions, materials used, and how your sign will be mounted. On the lower end of cost would be a sign composed of foam lettering with back painted acrylic facing. We use Matthews Automotive Paint and custom match to your logo colors. Automotive paint makes your sign last longer and the colors “pop”. We can fabricate any shape out of the foam as well. So let’s get creative!
You may not have any idea of what you want to do with your signage, but that’s where we step in. Our Designers have been in the Sign Industry their entire adult life’s and have a vast array of knowledge and skills at your disposal. Our Designers have some of the most impressive signs in Orange County so you can feel confident you’ve come to the right place for your signage needs. The first step in our consultation is to come visit your property and “put our eyes” on it. We will take a photo of exactly where your sign will be installed, then using Programs we will literally show you what your sign will look like by placing the design into the photo. This is an incredibly helpful tool.
You can easily determine if you want your sign to be bigger, or smaller, or if you want to change or add anything.
One of the best things you can do in preparation for your sign is to snap photos of signs you like. This will give us an idea of your sense of style. No matter your budget or your experience in buying signs, you needn’t worry. We will take care of you.