Hand Painted Signage in Orange County

Artisanal Advertising is nearly a lost art, but there are a scant few talented souls like Orange County’s Alex Kurakake that keep the tradition of hand painted signs alive. Alex didn’t start out with the heady notion of graduating from LATTC, the Nation’s last and only Technical Trade School for Hand Painted Signs, but that’s where life led him. Alex has established himself as a rising star in this nearly lost art form, and his bold and imaginative style has garnered him tremendous attention. We are thrilled to have Alex as an auxiliary member of our Team. While our digital printing capabilities are the best in the industry, there simply is no replacement for the skill and finesse Alex brings. Call 714-204-0180 to set up your consultation with Alex; you’ll not find a more talented artisan in the area!

The gallery of his work below speaks for itself.

Hand Painted Signs – FAQ
What is the process for getting my hand painted sign?
The first step is to assess the scope of the project by conducting a site survey which includes taking photos and getting measurements. Alex will assess, for example, if your sign should be painted on the interior or exterior depending upon if your windows are tinted. Alex recommends painted on the interior of the window “In reverse” to protect your signage from weather or the paint getting scratched. The next step is to provide you with a sketch. The prices are determined by the time the project will take and the materials used. Once you approve the sketch and estimate a 50% deposit is required with the balance due upon completion. From beginning to end the process should take no longer than 1-2 weeks.

What kind of paint do you use and how long does it last?
Alex uses one shot lettering enamel for all of his projects; interior and exterior. One shot is an oil based enamel that holds up well to weather, is durable, and is the industry standard as the highest quality “sign painters paint”. The life of your custom painted signage and art will depend upon a number of factors including exposure to direct sun, and how the surface is maintained.

Do I need to take any special care of cleaning my hand painted signage?
Yes. If it’s on a store front window the cleaning must be soap and water only with a lightly dampened rag. Don’t apply any cleaning chemicals directly to the paint.
What about hand painted signage on my car, truck, or van? Alex never uses clear coat over the enamel paint. Clear Coat will react to the enamel and won’t stick and the enamel dries hard and doesn’t require a clear coat. Let your paint dry a minimum of 24 hours before doing any type of cleaning. Do not put your car through a car wash that uses any brushes. The paint must be protected by hand washing your vehicle. You can, however, wax over the paint.

Do you charge by the job or the hour? How does costing work?
There is a charge for design and materials. The cost of your project depends upon the labor required. Alex provides a no charge consultation.

What are the advantages of hand painting over digitally printed vinyl?
The look and feel of hand painted signs is extraordinarily unique. Hand painted signs last longer than vinyl and hold up better to the sun and the elements. They are a more artisanal and permanent approach to custom signage.