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A brief guide on buying Banners from Focal Point Signs & Imaging in Costa Mesa

Banners are wonderfully versatile signage. They are durable and store easily, and are simple to put up and take down. Because banners are so popular, I thought it made sense to write a blog on how to discern good quality from not so good quality. There are so many options on ordering banners today, having a guide might save you some time and money.

The first question to ask yourself, is “how long do I need this banner to last?” If you’re ordering a small banner for a birthday party you don’t need high quality, unless someone at the party is particularly sentimental and wants to keep it for life. So, go ahead and order a banner online. You won’t need it to be hemmed, but you will need grommet holes to be able to tie in place your banner.

If you need the banner to last for several months then pony up for some quality. This is especially important if your banner is being displayed outdoors. The sun, wind, and changing temperatures will all take their toll over time. Also make sure to ask your printer or sign company what the weight of the banner material is. For example 10 oz banner material is not designed for this kind of use. Make sure you get 13 oz or better banner vinyl material.

Finally make sure your banner is hemmed. The hem will create a double layer of vinyl for the grommet rings. This means you’ll not have to be concerned about the vinyl ripping from the wind (unless of course there’s some bizarre Saharan Sirocco that comes from out of nowhere – these days you never know! Recently there was a tornado north of Tokyo…go figure).

Actually, if you do need a banner made for windy conditions ask for mesh banner. You’ve seen banners with half moon cuts in them to let wind through – this can be an alternative too, but if you know there will be a lot of wind, go for the mesh.

As for me and everyone here at Focal Point Signs & Imaging we focus on quality banners not only in terms of the material but the actual printing. We were smart with the equipment we purchased and went with the best available on the market which is capable of producing up to 1200 dpi – that’s photographic quality in large format. So if high quality is important to you, call today and make it a banner day!  714-204-0180


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