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With Boat Graphics and Lettering, Not Just Any Vinyl Will Work – Costa Mesa, CA

Recently, I was contacted by a friend who is managing the project of readying an 80 foot pleasure boat for transfer from here in Newport Beach to its final destination somewhere in the Caribbean.  Captain Don has also been tasked with managing the process of re-naming the Big Kahuna.  This means getting bids on both removing the existing vinyl lettering on the port and stern of the boat, and replacing them with new vinyl lettering.

This can be tricky for a number of reasons, so buyer, beware!  Once old lettering is removed there will likely be a “ghosting” effect which will require having to polish and wax the entire area before applying the new letters.  A piece of advice – while there are a number of how to videos on You Tube on boat lettering installation, consider hiring a professional.  Nothing is more irritating to a new boat owner than messing up the boat name!  One last tip – when you do your research, consider using marine grade vinyl.  You can find a number of websites on the internet to buy vinyl lettering, but you may end up with a product that isn’t meant to go in the water.