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Your Booth – lights, space, and sound

Tradeshow_3When setting up for a trade show, keep in mind that your booth or table is your first opportunity to make an impression and attract the attention of the attendees. Your space can be noticed from a distance and your effective setup should play a major role in encouraging people to take notice, stop, and initiate a conversation about your offerings.

Neat, inviting, colorful and well-designed, your booth need to be clutter-free and easy to navigate. Your offerings should be the center of attention while constituting the focus of your booth design. Always make sure that your presentation catches the prospects’attention and presents an opportunity to generate interest on your prospects’ side.

Engaging people as they walk by your booth is very crucial as well but it will not be effective if your booth is lacking a welcoming space.  Although the hours at a trade show could be long and tiring, it is very crucial that you stand as you welcome the attendees and try to engage them in a conversation. But take such a thought into consideration as you are setting up your space because you would want to include room for a quick break during down times.

Take other exhibitors into consideration as well. Although you want your booth to reflect your brand, you would not want to run loud music, bright animation and/or excessive light which might bother your neighboring booths.