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Why Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle WrapsIt is very obvious that one of the secrets to effective advertising is to make and leave a great lasting impression on your audience.

Vehicle wrapping offers one of the most effective ways for a more targeted approach to market your products or services through colorful appealing graphics. Although not new, vehicle wraps offer a medium that allows you to stand out and leave a long-lasting impression on your target market.

We all know the high cost involved in setting up a television or radio ad. As for newspapers, you would want to plan on a weekly commitment averaging in the thousands of dollars. Such high cost and commitment make it difficult on business owners to spread the word about their offerings.  You simply need to set and allocate a budget if you want to create an advertisement that is memorable and effective. With vehicle wraps, you are looking at a one-time investment that will provide you with the advantages of a moving billboard with no monthly commitment.

Studies have shown that vehicle wraps receive an average of 50,000 views per day in addition to the fact that a high percentage (90%) of individuals can easily remember an advertisement on a vehicle. Your customers spend hours on the road on a daily basis battling traffic, providing you with an opportunity to leave a great impact through your unique graphics that easily attract attention.

Vehicle wraps give you an opportunity to leverage a powerful marketing venue by:

  • Grabbing attention and turning people’s heads through the bright colorful graphics
  • Building on name and brand recognition
  • Reaching a wider audience – the more you are on the road, the wider is your reach
  • Using subtle advertising by attracting attention without disturbing your target market
  • Reaching out to your local market
  • Leveraging an advertising method that has no-expiration date
  • Avoiding commitment to a recurring monthly fee
  • Staying top of mind