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5 Marketing Tools That You Should Not Ignore

1- Vehicle Wrapping – An excellent medium to promote your business wherever you go, beyond just your physical office space. With car and truck wraps, you simply turn your vehicle or entire fleet into mobile billboards with eye catching and colorful graphics.

2- Trade Shows – One of the most effective ways to engage in face-to-face conversation with prospects, clients, vendors and other resource partners, giving you a great opportunity to promote your business to thousands of new potential customers.

3- Indoor and Outdoor Signage – Going beyond promoting your business, your signage (interior or exterior) supports your brand expansion. Your business signage informs consumers (and customers) about your business, service, products, events, announcements and more. But you need also to realize that your signage goes beyond that, leaving an impression on your audience and influencing their purchase decision by establishing strong brand positioning in the mind of your costomers.

4- Digital Signage – Based on a remote-controlled distribution and playback of digital content on digital billboards and screens, at one or multiple locations, digital signage supports your branding and messaging while helping you create awareness and position your company strongly in the marketplace.

5- Custom Murals and Wallpapers – Your walls provide a great space to be creative and give life to your environment.  While some of us lean more towards simply painting the walls with plain colors, others take an extra step and add some designs and more color to make their homes and offices more appealing and welcoming through the installation of wall murals and wall papers. Your walls could be noticed by everyone. Consider giving them a unique touch and a more personal look.

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