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How to Choose the Right Materials for Your Lobby Sign?

The profitability and growth of your business could be impacted with the kind of lobby sign and the materials you choose. First impressions matter! Thus, it is important for your company to select the material for your lobby sign that fits with your brand and will help you establish a lasting impression on your visitors.

Vinyl, brass, high end wood, grained aluminum, glass and acrylics are only a few of many options for material that could be used for lobby signs. Orange County business owners and property managers need to first take into consideration and plan ahead for the type of impression and environment they are hoping to establish on their visitors. The kind of materials you choose will have a great influence on the atmosphere of your office space. Aluminum and brass, for example, project longevity and timelessness. That being said, acrylics and brass present a good option for artistic environments.

It is also essential to recognize the importance of combining materials for unlimited opportunities of creativity and pleasing looks.

At Focal Point Custom Signs, part of the consultative approach we make in working with our clients includes assessing both the clients’ individual sense of design (selection of materials for fabrication, and overall look and feel of the sign) as well as taking into consideration the lighting in the space. Let us help you with your lobby signage needs. Give us a call today at 714-777-7850 or click here to email us.