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Neo Realistic Art Acrylic on Canvas and Board by Michael Ward to be shown at Casa Romantica, by Focal Point Signs

We work with many Graphic Artists, and Michael Ward is the best of the best, so it should be no surprise that his talents extend beyond the keyboard to other media. I was delighted when he came by Focal Point Signs today and shared the good news that his original art work will be featured at Casa Romantica in downtown San Clemente.

The show is entitled “The Mystery of the Ordinary” which is an excellent name for his body of work. The Casa Romantica web site describes him this way; “A self-taught artist, Michael Ward captures what British-born philosopher Alan Watts called “the mystery of the ordinary” in his acrylic paintings of things we often overlook in our daily lives. Based on photographic images, his neo-realistic interpretations of unspectacular environments and people in the world around us are composed and rendered in such a way as to bring out the beauty in what one might have previously considered mundane, if not ugly.”

His work is so good I felt compelled not only to blog about it, but to make a video of it. Of course I also had to plug the fact that we do reproductions on Canvas and Posters. Luckily we have the HPL26500 which is capable of reproducing photographic quality images in large format and on a number of fabrics including canvas, poster paper, vinyl and wall paper. So if you are an artist who is considering making limited editions, call us at 714-204-1080. If you are an art lover and into neo-realism, go see Michael’s exhibit. You can learn more by visiting or Casa Romantica is located at 415 Avenida Granada in San Clemente and Michael’s show starts on Tuesday, January 14, 2014.