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Why Does Color Matter?

interior_design5Every design element involves shapes and shadows but most importantly it also includes color. The human eye can see a combination of seven million colors. While some colors have a soothing and lasting effect on the viewer, others can irritate the human vision. Using color in an appropriate manner can maximize the effectiveness of your design. Take the color into consideration as you plan the design of a new wall mural, wall paper or signage for your property, home, building or business.

While the following details some general facts about colors, keep in mind that some exceptions might apply where the use of some color combinations might generate stunning designs:

Yellow could be considered the most irritating color. More light is usually reflected by bright colors which results in excessive stimulation of the vision. That being said, lighter shades of yellow can be comforting and cheerful. Yellow catches the attention of the viewer. So keep it in mind as a color but also consider the space/area and shape of your design.

Red is another color you want to pay attention to.  This is a color that could fatigue the eye quickly.  With over 250,000 decoding cones, your eye uses 83,000 cones to decode the color red and become over stimulated causing the opposinginterior_design4 cones to kick in and shifting the way the red color is seen.

Green is a color that might evoke the sensation of nature and the smell of grass.

Pink is one color that could cause a sense of sweetness.

– As for the color grey, you may experience sensations related to smokiness.

– Using white and black to create contrast might also result in an excessive muscular activity which will fatigue the eye of the viewer.

A graphic design company or an interior designer should be able to help you figure out a solution enabling your designs to focus on the visual and aesthetics in order to create positive, productive and long-lasting impressions.

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How to Stand out at a Trade Show

Tradeshow_2Regardless of the size of your business, you have the option to consider multiple marketing approaches in order to spread the word about your services and/or products. It is true that your goal should be to stay top of mind, but you need to think about how you can do so while making sure that you are investing your marketing budget in the right place.

You might be surprised to learn that trade shows have proven to be one of the most effective venues to grow your business. Your company is participating in what has become a global marketplace. With social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, our global economy has shrunk providing new business opportunities to any and every kind of business, regardless of size.

If you have something to sell, you may want to consider attending a trade show.  Although they can be costly, trade shows offer a venue to help you stand out as you push your business to success and increase your reach to an audience of attendees who are seeking your offerings.

A trade show will allow you the opportunity to stay on top of the latest in your industry as you learn about the latest and what is trending in your world; in addition to being able to connect and start conversations with individuals whom you want to do business with, which might lead to possibilities of expanding your business.

A trade show is also a place to network with your supply chain of partners, manufacturers, prospects, sales representatives and anyone entrenched in your industry. Keep in mind that people would rather do business with individuals whom they have met… individuals who they trust and know they are credible.  By exhibiting at a trade show, you are not only growing your exposure but you also are projecting commitment to your business and industry while presenting the value of your offerings.

As you are considering specific trade shows, make sure that your focus is mainly on the quality of the show where you will be able to reach decision makers. Also think about your brand and how you are being presented. Your signage at a trade show, colors, graphics and text play a major role in the impression you leave and in how you attract attention.

Setting up your booth with colorful and appealing signage while lining up your promotional items, in addition to collateral material and handouts are some of the steps you need to put in place as you get ready for a trade show. You may also want to think about reaching out to the trade show’s management seeking assistance with the development of an appealing booth and marketing campaigns. Furthermore, consider spreading the word to your clients, suppliers, and partners months prior to the trade show. Take the timeline into consideration so that you have enough time to be prepared and be able to attend to any last minute needs.