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How Does Your Office Design Affect Employees’ Productivity?

wallmurals2Many studies and research have proven that our workplace environment does certainly impact how well we are able to work. Office environments are very crucial similar to store environments. Smart designs along with a mix of the right colors can result in a boost of creativity while minimizing stress and increasing productivity.

In 2004, Microsoft published a press release that indicated “nine out of 10 said the design setup of their workstation directly affects their ability to be most productive at work. More than 50 percent of those surveyed said one of the best ways employers can show their commitment to employees’ success is to provide them with the latest technologies so they can do their jobs more efficiently.” Read More

While all business owners make sure that their office space is meeting the health and safety environment as defined by the U.S. Department of Labor, it is important to also consider comfort and design in order to gear the efforts towards higher level of productivity. Some of the elements to keep in mind include: light, desks, chairs, temperature, noise level, personal space, and privacy to name a few.

When on breaks, employees should be able to see/think of their work environment as a place to take a time out and relax.  Also, offering your employees a lunch space that will allow them to stick together, have a dialogue while on their lunch break could prove to increase effectiveness and productivity because it will allow your team members to stay connected, discuss work-related and non-work-related topics, while being away from their routine work environment.

Colors also play in a major role in the feel that your office environment projects. In one of our previous blogs, we discussed the importance of colors and why they matter. Read More

Remember, the design of your office space matters!