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Banner and Decal Campaign for Sports Bar by Focal Point Signs & Imaging Costa Mesa

Recently our friends Chris and Kirsten bought a Sports Bar in Portland.  Their Logo (a family crest Chris proudly wears as a tattoo) became the central part of the branding campaign we created for them.  Using banner material to create “mini banners” for their Sidewalk A-frame, we created parking signage with a very specific look and feel that acts as an advertising extension of their brand.  Additionally, we created large window decals prominently featuring their logo.

I am proud to own a Sign Manufacturing Company and even prouder of the finished product that goes out the door because we hold ourselves to a pretty high standard. This video is a good example of the difference between a consultative relationship with your Sign company, and what is the norm in our industry – just taking an order and pumping out the job. My background in advertising lends itself beautifully to creating signage campaigns that protect and extend my clients’ brand as well as positively impacting sales. That’s what our goal was in this campaign. I’m happy to report that Chris and Kirsten are doing well in their new business venture, and I’d like to think we had something to do with it!

If you need banners, an A-frame, or window decals, give us a call at 714-204-0180.

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