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6 Signage Mistakes to Avoid

Your business and property signage should take priority as your focus your efforts on outlining and budgeting your marketing efforts. With the purpose to increase the public’s awareness and recognition of your presence, good interior, exterior, custom lobby and custom business signs should be approached with innovation and creativity for successful results. For your signage to be effective, they should be:

  • Well proportioned
  • Carefully balanced
  • Tastefully designed
  • And perfectly color-coordinated

In order to ensure effectiveness and increase the visibility level of your signage product, you may want to consider avoiding the following six mistakes:

  • Blending in surrounding environment
  • Not investing the necessary budget
  • Overloading it with lots of information
  • Having incorrect information
  • Not carefully thinking about the height of your sign making it difficult for by-passers and motorist to take notice
  • Not staying true to your brand

But the worst mistake you can make is not having a signage product to showcase your business. Signage is simply an excellent way to bring in new business. While the initial expense might not be part of your budget for this year, you need to keep in mind that having a strong presence through effective signage will pay off quickly and bring you new opportunities to increase your sales.

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