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5 Tips for Effective Business Signage

As discussed in previous blogs, your business signage should support and solidify your brand extension as it informs your target market about your services and/or products. First impressions matter and it is essential to leave a long-lasting positive impression on your audience through effective signage. The following are five tips to ensure the effectiveness of your indoor and outdoor business signage:

  • Visibility and legibility – Your audience must be able to see and read your signage quickly and easily. Your font, color, shapes and size play a major role here.
  • Avoid selling – The goal of your business signage should be to stay top of mind, NOT sell. You want to avoid overloading your signage with too much information which will make it impossible to read from a distance.
  • Focus on grabbing attention – Your design, colors, look and feel should command attention. And remember, your sign is not simply to identify your business, it tells your story and communicates what you sell.
  • Make sure it stands out – We all know how cluttered the marketplace is. We all get bombarded by thousands of messages a day. Your target audience should be able to differentiate your sign from its surroundings. Colors, shapes, and graphics should be put together to help your signage stand out.
  • Easy to remember – One of your major goals for your sign should be to make it memorable. Remember, your positioning depends on how easy it is to remember your signage.

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