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This Auto Body Shop needed a quick turnaround on their Outside Business Sign. Focal Point delivered!

Custom Exterior Business Signage Orange County

Auto Body Restoration in Costa Mesa needed a 48 hour turnaround on an outdoor sign. Focal Point Signs & Imaging in Costa Mesa delivered!

Signage is of huge importance to businesses. It’s really simple. If your customers can’t find you, they will take their business elsewhere.

Good outdoor signage needs to communicate who you are, and what you do very quickly. Think of it as a billboard where some basic design rules come into play. If you have more than 6 words, do not put them in all caps. Make sure your lettering is at least 4″ tall for every 100 viewing feet away. Finally, use art work that supports your message or business identity. In this case we needed to turn around a good sized outdoor sign very quickly and our client didn’t have any art work in any format. Without a logo or other art work to use, we turned to Shutter Stock to download two types of cars our client enjoys working on; a Mercedes and a Muscle car. We chose a simple design because the goal of this sign was to get it up quickly and identify the new location. It’s very simple signage, but for the purposes of telling customers their Auto Body Estimating Center had moved, it made sense. We also created an A-Frame for the side walk to further help mark the new location.

Frankly, I can’t think of a sign shop off hand that would have turned around this project in two days without art work. For materials we used only 3M vinyl and laminate, and pvc compressed in two sided aluminum for the substrate for a solid, long-lasting sign. We are pleased we were able to help this business out “in a crunch”. We feel good about ourselves when we can add a customer service component few others in our space can offer. It’s one of the things that makes us distinct from others in the Signage Industry, and we’re proud of that.

If you need a sign turned around quickly, give us a call! 714-204-0180

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