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Posters professionally printed and mounted for Orange County area businesses by Focal Point Signs in Costa Mesa

Custom Business Poster Sign

The poster sized sign is very popular for companies today.  Posters are easily mounted on any light weight substrate making them easy to port around to training events, seminars, and client meetings.  When most people think of mounted posters they think of something printed on Poster Paper and spray mounted on Foam Core (which we do), but there are draw backs to this approach.  Namely that foam core is easily dented – you’ve seen it – the corners crunched and looking like neglected relics from the last trade show.  We suggest you ask instead for a laminated vinyl applied to PVC which is still light weight but extremely durable.  That’s what we’ve done for here in Orange County as seen in the video.  Either way, we really enjoy making these handy signs!

We designed this campaign for Because these are mounted on pvc they will last a very long time and allow this wonderful non-profit the opportunity to use the posters over and over for multiple events and fund raisers!