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How to Maintain Brand Consistency?

Your marketing efforts could include multiple and diverse initiatives that usually help expand your reach and stay top of mind. In order to ensure consistency, you should consider creating a set of guidelines that connect together the look and feel of all of your marketing materials. Also known as your brand standards, such guidelines will help you expand by creating awareness while developing the key differentiators your company has when compared to the competition.

Consider focusing your efforts on the following:

  • Your Colors – considering that you integrate colors in everything you do when it comes to marketing, advertising, communication and more, it is crucial to remember that this specific element plays a major role in leaving a lasting impression on your target marketing. As you commit to a palette, remember that every color has a different meaning and level of influence.
  • Your Logo – the design of your logo should be consistent but also is the case with its placement and sizing. Every communication is an opportunity to leave an impression on the recipient; from letterheads to postcards, from emails to brochures…
  • Your Graphics – The symbols and shapes you use for branding purposes should be consistent as well in order to help your audience to remember you as you work your way to stay top of mind.

Always remember that your brand is your promise to your customers and prospects about what they can expect, how you deliver and what makes you different in the marketplace.  Consistency should lead to strong equity increasing your customers’ levels of loyalty and commitment. Are you being consistent with your branding efforts?

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Innovative Results Gym in Costa Mesa Brings the Outdoors in with Large Format Wall Graphics by Focal Point Signs

Innovative Results Gym in Costa Mesa bills itself as “Orange County’s only Adventure Gym”, and rightly so. Owner Aaron Guyett has gone to great lengths to create a Gym environment that invokes the feeling of being outdoors. Even the flooring is grass-like and the addition of a rock climbing wall is certainly adventurous. To pull this theme together, Aaron approached us to install large wall graphics in the form of photos of people enjoying outdoor activities here in Coastal Orange County.

To accomplish this we enlisted the aid of Shutter Stock which is a great source for finding photos and vector art work. A tip here: if you’re going to blow up a photo to the size of the murals we did make sure you download the highest resolution option available on Shutter Stock. You don’t want to lose any image integrity when enlarging the photo. Once we had the photos selected and approved, we had to determine the best approach to the material to be used and the width of the strips to be printed. If you print the strips too wide, it makes matching them up perfectly more difficult, albeit, smaller strips take more time to install. The end result was the decision to print on a calendared vinyl which we then laminated in a luster finish. The width we landed on was 30″. I believe the largest of the eight murals we installed required something like 39 strips.

The biggest concern about a project like this is making sure the wall surface is clean so the vinyl will adhere properly. If the surface is not clean you can bet the vinyl will peel sooner than you’d like. In an ideal world, the walls will have been freshly painted with a couple of weeks curing to boot.

If you’re considering a similar large format wall graphic project in Costa Mesa, give us a call to come out and do an onsite visit. That way we can recommend what kind of covering should be used (wall paper or vinyl or treated fabric) and consult on design as well. The wall paper and vinyl actually run about the same cost, though the wall paper is easier to install. This is because we use HP PVC free wall paper which has a built in adhesive (thus no paste mess).

Check out more information about PVC free wall paper here, and go see what this amazing gym is all about by clicking here.

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Stunning custom outdoor business sign by Focal Point Signs in Costa Mesa for Brand I.D.

Custom Business Signage

Custom outdoor sign for Brand I.D.

For some reason we seem to be working more and more with businesses in the Fashion and Apparel Industry on custom outdoor signs.  If I were to guess it’s because these people are picky – in a good way. They have very high standards for design and fabrication and expect perfection of the final product. We like being held to a higher standard and producing signage that’s the best in the industry. No one in our industry wants to drive by a sign they made and not feel proud of their work.

We recently did a custom job for Brand I.D. They are an international company in the trim and accessories business and their client list is very impressive. Obviously they are designers, and as such approach their signage needs from a very specific visual perspective. Then it’s up to us to make that vision possible. This particular job was interesting because it “broke the rules” in our Industry. They wanted letters that would be no taller than 3″ flat cut from 3/4″ aluminum and mounted so each letter would stand off the building by 6″. The first broken rule? Stand off letters are to be no smaller than 5″ because each letter must support four threaded studs. The second broken rule? Stand off letters usually aren’t installed more than 3″ off the wall (at least that is the industry standard). You need to make sure whatever you are using to hold those letters off of the wall can handle the weight of the letters and stand up to the elements through time.

The reason Brand I.D. wanted the letters to stand out this far is because they planted a lovely green vine that will fill in behind the letters and create the visually stunning effect that the letters are floating in front of the vine. We accepted the challenge and went to work to create this custom fabrication.

We needed to find a supplier of 1/8″ threaded studs in lengths long enough that we could cut to 8″ pieces. We wanted to go 2″ into the wall and 6″ off the wall. Then we had to find a supplier of aluminum tubing to act as a sleeve to go over the threaded studs. Most tubes aren’t made in this small of a size. But….we found them…yep, that’s what we do.

The final and last hurdle was the wall itself. No one knew how deep the layer of rock was that is affixed on top of the concrete. We thought it wasn’t more than an inch and a half. Looks can be deceiving. It turned out to be 4″ deep. From an installation standpoint this was extraordinarily time consuming. Once we chiseled away to create a flat surface for drilling, we then had to hammer drill 38 holes through several inches of the rock and 2′ of the masonry as well.

In the end, the sign looks amazing and I smile every time I drive by. This project turned out even better than we thought it would. Now when visitors arrive to the Brand I.D. headquarters they will be greeted with the only sign of it’s kind in the world. That’s what custom signs are all about, and so are we at Focal Point Signs & Imaging.  Need a custom outdoor sign?  Call us at 714-204-0180

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Window Graphics and Decals created and installed by Focal Point Signs in Costa Mesa

Custom Exterior Business Vinyl Decal Costa Mesa

Finding ways to increase brand awareness is a constant goal of advertising. Signage is advertising, and in this video you’ll see how vinyl graphics are applied. The process is simple and can be used on office, business, and retail store fronts and on your vehicle too!

Vehicles for advertising is booming right now and while the best look, undoubtedly, is a full vehicle wrap, there are options.  As you start out your business, if you’re working on a tight budget, consider doing something beyond just lettering – incorporate your logo as well.  The printer and products we use for these jobs turns out stunning graphics and at an affordable rate as well.

About the materials we use:  Doing a window treatment using vinyl requires the selection of material specifically for that job.  There are conditions at play that must be taken into consideration.  If the project means the graphics will be in full sun we will only use the top of the line 3M cast vinyl along with a laminate that is UV treated.  This helps protect the color of the graphics and the integrity of the vinyl.  You want your window or car signage to last for years to come, and so do we.  If you are thinking of jazzing things up a bit and doing your windows, or are looking for an alternative to a full vehicle wrap, give us a call at 714-204-0180.

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Posters professionally printed and mounted for Orange County area businesses by Focal Point Signs in Costa Mesa

Custom Business Poster Sign

The poster sized sign is very popular for companies today.  Posters are easily mounted on any light weight substrate making them easy to port around to training events, seminars, and client meetings.  When most people think of mounted posters they think of something printed on Poster Paper and spray mounted on Foam Core (which we do), but there are draw backs to this approach.  Namely that foam core is easily dented – you’ve seen it – the corners crunched and looking like neglected relics from the last trade show.  We suggest you ask instead for a laminated vinyl applied to PVC which is still light weight but extremely durable.  That’s what we’ve done for here in Orange County as seen in the video.  Either way, we really enjoy making these handy signs!

We designed this campaign for Because these are mounted on pvc they will last a very long time and allow this wonderful non-profit the opportunity to use the posters over and over for multiple events and fund raisers!