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Many Reasons to Use Business Signage

Asset Protection: Acrylic Backing W/ Dimensional Acrylic Lettering & Vinyl by Focal Point Costa Mesa

Signage constitutes an important part of leaving a first impression. It attracts your customers’ eye while offering the opportunity to grow business. Companies see and understand the importance of branding as a venue to stay top of mind with your current customer base while building exposure within new markets.

Here are some of the top reasons why signage is important for your business:

  • Being one of the least expensive forms of advertising, signs have proven to be the most effective.
  • The financial commitment to creating new signage is limited to only one time. No recurring fees are needed or required.
  • Signs offer you a continuous advertising opportunity, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Signs build exposure by introducing your business to potential customers, while creating a consistent presence for your existing clients.


Signage offers you the opportunity to be identified well so you don’t miss out on new and repeat business, while reminding consumers of your existence.

Your sign offers a space for you to share the most important information you would like to communicate with your target market while allowing you to grow your brand’s exposure. Having clear and simple design makes your sign easier to remember. In addition to your message and content, your color combinations play a major role in its effectiveness. Stay true to your brand!

Think of your signage as a mix of elements that include:

  • Marketing message
  • Audience reach
  • Visual acuity

Your sign’s job is to get the reader’s attention in an instant. Your reader is usually moving and your sign has only a few seconds to be seen, read and understood. Your sign has to make people stop and take action by calling, ordering, or even entering your location. The goal is to have a call to action and to get your customers to respond.

The following are other factors that have an influence on the effectiveness of your signage:

  • Placement
  • Size
  • Illumination
  • Height
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Reception area lobby sign glitters in gold for Marshall Financial Services by Focal Point Signs

Custom Interior Business Lobby Sign Costa Mesa

Jason and Monique Marshall are lovely people. They are approachable and professional, tasteful and down to earth, caring and wise. I was immediately engaged by Monique’s style and business vision and decided within .30 milliseconds we were going to give them the most elegant lobby sign they could possibly imagine.

Their new office is exquisite. Rich tones of burgundy and cherry wood abound. It looks like they hired a very talented interior decorator, but that’s not the case. They just happen to have amazingly good taste and wield it with restrained opulence. Even though the space they created is luxurious and rich, it’s also quite comfortable and welcoming; just like they are. That’s what we wanted this lobby sign to be as well.

The lobby sign we would make for Marshall Financial Services would be as gold as the bars in Fort Knox and as elegant as the Burgundy signature that is her logo. We felt the key to making a powerful first impression through this signage would be in simplicity of design but using rich tones and reflective materials.

I have to say, “Mission accomplished”. This lobby sign is stunning. I only wish photos could really show how impressive this sign is. We used a brushed gold back plate that we further enhanced with another layer of gold spray. The gold plate acts to reflect the over head lighting and gleams on the wall. The clear front plate of acrylic allows the gold light to shine through, and the logo’s script lettering of burgundy and black floats effortlessly in the center of the piece. This is a lovely, lovely lobby sign. Almost as lovely as the Marshall’s themselves.

We were so pleased with the outcome of this custom project that we made a video of the “birth of this lobby sign”. Everything you see on the video was done in house; concept, design, fabrication, and installation.

More importantly the Marshall’s are thrilled with their new lobby sign. If you’re looking for some financial advice, call Marshall Financial Services at 714-541-4180.
If you’re looking for a one of a kind custom lobby sign, call us at 714-204-0180. Focal Point Signs & Imaging where your business is the center of attention!

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Landmark Real Estate in The Block at Orange gets custom Lobby Sign from Focal Point Signs in Costa Mesa

Custom Interior Business Lobby Sign Orange

I remember years ago sitting in a corporate meeting where our Trainer, Jack King, held up his business card and asked, “What is this?” Of course everyone in the room responded, “A business card” to which Jack replied, “Is it? Is it really?” Jack went on to make a poignant speech suggesting that we view our business cards as debit cards used to make withdrawals from the bank of our reputation.

In many ways your signage is an extension of your business card, and reputation too. What does your signage say about you? What would you like your signage to say about you? We recently completed a project for a very professional Real Estate Company which was just opening their office. They had a very clear vision of what they wanted to convey, not only through their interior design work (very elegant, very professional), but in their signage as well. We were delighted to have been selected to create and install this custom lobby sign and window graphics. Congratulations to Abe and his team at Landmark Real Estate on their grand opening of their new office located in the Cashkill Building at The Block at Orange, and we thank them for the opportunity to do this project.