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The Effectiveness of Car and Truck Wraps

ambrosiatruckYou see them on the streets and in popular and busy areas. They catch your attention because they are unique and innovative. They are mobile and have a wide reach due to the constant use of vehicles which will help your business build widespread awareness and expanded reach. They increase your daily visibility and they are the most memorable visual media with the lowest cost per thousand impressions.

We are talking about the effective way of marketing through car and truck wraps!

With exquisite designs and unique bright colors, vehicle wraps leave a lasting impression on your target market. While TV commercials can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions, car and truck wraps help you leave a lasting impression and generate a favorable reaction on behalf of your customers for only a few thousand dollars.

The sky is the limit when it comes to creative design for your vehicle wraps. The following are a few elements to take into consideration:

  • Vehicle template
  • Visibility of design
  • Target market
  • Market goals
  • Readability and effectiveness

Turn your vehicle or entire fleet into mobile billboards with eye catching, colorful graphics.  Our tag line is “Making yourcar.wesite business the center of attention” and there are few ways to market your brand more cost effectively than transforming your vehicle into a lean mean lead generator.  Our professional designers and installers love, love vehicle wrap projects!  Don’t wait; generate traffic while you’re in traffic!

A full vehicle wrap may not be in your budget at this time.  So consider doing a partial wrap where only your doors are wrapped, or to start why not just do your back window with your logo and website address?  If you have camera ready art we can install something like what is shown above for as little as $125.