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Three Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

In a much cluttered marketplace, some businesses tend to get roped into a chaotic marketing approach that will prove to be ineffective. It is well known that a properly developed and researched marketing strategy will not only connect you with your audience, but will also get your customers raving about your offerings and company.

The following are three marketing mistakes to avoid:

  1. Lack of Planning – Researching the marketplace, testing your audience and planning are necessary steps to determine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. For example, when considering putting up an outdoor business signage, make sure that it is being installed in a visible space with higher levels of traffic in order for you to receive the exposure you deserve.
  2. Ambiguous Focus and Positioning – Confusion will be one of the unavoidable outcomes if your customers do not have a clear understanding of what your company is all about. Your marketing messaging should be clear and focused to help you position your offerings in the mind of your prospects. When considering vehicle wrapping for example, you need to focus on what you are trying to accomplish and how to create a focused message in order to position yourself strongly in the marketplace.
  3. Failure to Leverage Loyal Customers – It is well known that the cost of acquiring new customers is very high compared to repeat clients. Ask yourself some of the following questions: do you really know what makes your current customers happy? What are you doing to keep your clients engaged? Are you aware of what your competitors are doing to capture some of your customers?

Lack of planning, ambiguous focus and positioning, and failure to leverage loyal customers are marketing mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars resulting in ineffective outcomes. Always make sure to do your due diligence in order to minimize loss and increase your chances to grow your market share.