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Why are Custom Monument Signs Effective?

Outdoor signage can be very effective for your business. It gives you exposure 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a primary focus on your brand.  While there are many outdoor advertising tools, such as billboards, posters, airport ads, bus signs, mall posters transit shelters, stadium signs and more, custom monument signs are the least cluttered; they are not surrounded by clutter, programming information, editorial nor photographs.

If you are on a busy street, in a shopping strip, or in a building, custom monument signage will give you exposure to by passers who are bored, looking for something to look at and read. Your custom monument sign will grab a large audience as it attracts people’s attention while they walk or drive.

At Focal Point Signs Imaging, our focus it to help you design your custom monument sign, set it up to meet the sign code compliance and install your new custom signage. Today more than ever there are a multitude of materials used in sign making. We’ve ushered in the new age of versatile, durable, synthetic construction materials that stand up to weathering at significant savings to traditional monument signage.

If you’re a contractor, builder, or property manager in need of advice, help and service for your next custom monument signage project, give us a call today at 714-204-0180 or click here to email us.