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7 Questions for your Custom Wall Murals

When planning to add a Wall Mural to your office, consider the following seven steps:

        • Meet in person with your service provider – It is usually a good idea to invite them to your offices so they can get a clear understanding of what your business is about and comprehend your brand.
        • Be clear about your expectations when it comes to customization:
          •  Would something off the shelf of a store do it for you?
          • Or are you looking for a unique design that speaks volumes about your business?
        • Explain the vision of what you are looking for:
          • Discuss your thought with your service provider
          • Share your likes and dislikes
          • Do you have a specific concept in mind?
          • How do you feel about icon images?
          • Do you prefer specific colors over others?
        • Discuss budget limitations and restrictions.
        • Detail your core values:
          • Make sure you share such values
          • Explain how your values are aligned with your mission, goals and offerings to the market place
        • Entertain different material:
          • Do you have a preference for green and environment-friendly material?
        • Where will your wall mural be placed?
          • Will it be accessible only to employees?
          • Is the goal for the public to see it?
          • What kind of setting, decor, furniture and fixtures do you have in that space?

Although the above might sound like simple questions, it is very important to address such points in order to clearly assess and comprehend your vision and what you are trying to achieve through a concept that will turn into a successfully fabricated and installed design.