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3 Marketing Key Elements to Keep in Mind

When it comes to marketing, there are some common key elements that all and any business can benefit from if implemented correctly.

  • Focus on being memorable – Your influence should go beyond the product or service you are selling to instill in your customers a memorable and unforgettable experience. You want your customers to talk about you. Your work with them should compel them to share a great story that they would love to tell over and over again.
  • Understand your customers – Your offerings should speak to customers who, not only need your product or service, but who think like you and with whom you share similar values. When you truly understand your target market, you will be able to customize offerings that not only attract them, but also leave them with a memorable experience.
  • You cannot be everything for everyone – In a cluttered marketplace, you need to keep your focus on what makes you different and how you can stay top of mind. Although customers choose you, remember that your business has the power to NOT appeal to consumers who simply are not the right clientele for your offerings.  In addition to your offerings, the customers you target define you and your brand. For example, transparency and value will help you stand out to those consumers who are looking for such qualities while excluding the audience who are simply looking for the deal of the day.

Regardless of your approach, your influence is only as strong as how memorable of an experience you leave your customers with!