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Four Key Elements when Promoting Your Business

When putting together a marketing strategy, it is very common to have a list of one or more goals to accomplish while targeting a specific market or audience. Some companies use promotional items, others invest in online marketing… Some might even launch a direct mail campaign while others choose signage and trade shows to grow their exposure. The bottom line is to strengthen relationships with your customers and stay top of mind. The following are four key elements to include in your goals when promoting your business:

  • Awareness – If you are a new company or working on introducing a new product/service into the marketplace, your goal should be geared towards aligning marketing initiatives to assist in focusing on building awareness and establishing a strong identity.
  • Information – Your marketing efforts play a major role in helping your customers make a decision when they are in the search stage contemplating the purchase of a specific service and/or product. The information and presentation of your marketing initiative should explain your offerings and help you establish strong positioning in the mind of your audience.
  • Demand – With the right offer and marketing approach, you should start experiencing an increase in sales as you work consistently on reminding your target marketing of your presence and presenting purchase triggers that meet their needs.
  • Branding – When targeting existing customers, your marketing initiative should simply reinforce your brand and build strong relationships while resulting in higher levels of customers’ commitment, engagement and loyalty.