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8 Questions to Think About When Using Wall Murals

Red Wall MuralYour walls provide a great space to be creative and give life to your environment.  While some of us lean more towards simply painting the walls with plain colors, others take an extra step and add some designs and more color to make their homes and offices more appealing and welcoming through the installation of wall murals and wall papers. Your walls could be noticed by everyone. Consider giving them a unique touch and a more personal look.

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As you work on planning the design and installation of your wall murals or wall papers, take the following questions into consideration:

  • Would it be a good fit to add more decorative items such as shelves and frames?
  • What colors should I choose?
  • Am I looking for a dark or bright space?
  • Is nature something I would like to see every day on my wall? Or do I prefer more of an abstract design?
  • How much of a design is too much for me to handle?
  • Should I plan on doing it myself? If so, do I have the knowledge and time?
  • Should I plan on hiring a local company to help me meet my designs needs?
  • Can I see my design on a small scale first before committing?