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What Does Your Font Say About Your Brand?

Not many pay attention to their font and the power it has over their brand.  Your font offers a great opportunity to make your brand stand out among the competition. Do not settle for the default option. Develop a clear idea on what image you would like to project through your font selection. Choosing a font helps you define your brand’s personality beyond your logo, colors, name and tagline.

Start by identifying the typeface of choice; it is the set of characters of the same design. These characters include letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols. Try to choose a typeface that would be the most engaging for your target audience in order create a huge difference between engaging your customers and losing their attention.

Your font family is the name set for your typeface (Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri). Your font category refers to a general classification such as:

  • Serif fonts that have a line at the end of the stroke. They reflect the image of being professional and traditional
  • Sans Serif fonts that do not have a line at the end of the stroke. They reflect the image of crisp and modern
  • Handwriting fonts are usually more causal and personal. They reflect friendly.
  • Script fonts are formal, sophisticated and decorative.
  • Display fonts come with a wide variety of design and styles.

Keep in mind that fonts are an excellent way to communicate emotions. While some can help you dramatize your message, others can be more subtle. Your message and the emotions you are trying to evoke need to be aligned with your overall brand and voice.

Regardless of which way you go, the key is to make sure that your font conveys the same message you want your brand to represent.