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Have you ever considered refurbishing your signs?

Refurbishing outdoors or indoors existing signage is a great way to save money without the need to go through the process of creating a whole new sign.  Refurbishing signs can even be used for your own existing signage that needs some freshening up or if you relocate and need to re-use an existing sign.

Refurbishing signs is much cheaper than purchasing a whole new one and depending on your city you might be able to avoid going through a whole new permitting process which is usually required for new signage units. Unless you are changing the basics of your sign, there should be no need for you to go through a new city permit process but make sure to confirm with your own city. Also, refurbished signs often can be completed on a shorter timeline than brand new ones.

You may also want to consider continuous maintenance and repair services for your sign as a way to make sure that your investment is being leveraged to its full potential. Any and all signs will experience wear and tear at some point. Keep in mind though that at some point, your sign might need a facelift and this is where you can look into signage refurbishing services.

As soon as your sign starts looking worn and tired, consider putting in a call to freshen up its look through either a new paint job, new letters or even a new logo.