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How to Make your Indoor Signage Effective?

With indoor signage, you need to think high impact graphics combined with visual appeal that reflect your brand and get the attention of your clients and prospects. Whether your goal is to design a brand new office space or simply add an indoor sign to promote a sale, you always need to focus on producing visible and highly effective signage and displays in order to leave lasting and memorable impressions on your audience.

  • Your indoor sign needs to meet the safety and compliance requirements of your city and property management (if applicable).
  • Would your sign serve more of an information source to your visitor? If so, you may want to consider a wall-size artwork (wall mural) or a full-size indoor sign.
  • Although we speak mostly about customers, you need to always keep in mind that your indoor signage also leaves lasting impressions on your staff and employees.
  • Your sign needs to include visuals/graphics that pop and stand out to attract attention.
  • Consider your colors and shapes.
  • Don’t forget about indoor lighting… is it good enough to help your sign stand out?
  • Would window lettering work for your space and business model?

These are some key points for you to consider when thinking about indoor signage. Once your clients are at your venue, it is your opportunity to impress them and provide them with an overall unforgettable experience.