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Stylish and professional reception area lobby Sign created by Focal Point Signs in Costa Mesa for ExeQuity

Custom Interior Business Lobby Sign

ExeQuity is a leading compensation consulting company with offices throughout the US.  They had just moved into their new offices in a very nice building across from South Coast Plaza; the same building the private restaurant The Center Club is located in.  This is an upscale business environment and ExeQuity wanted a custom lobby sign that would reflect their professionalism as well.  I wish I had a better picture to post, because the sign is truly stunning!

We started the process by interviewing the three key people in the office to hone in on what kind of “look” they were going for.  Conservative, but not stuffy.  Not overly traditional, but not overly modern.  From the interview we came up with three conceptual designs.

Option 1)  Brushed aluminum dimensional letters mounted on cherry wood and stained to match the office furniture. ( I was a bit concerned that the lobby area would look a little “heavy” with the dark wood furniture already in place, but actually when we did the rendering and showed what the sign would look like against the Thunder Blue walls, it was nicer than I thought it would be).

Option 2) Clear acrylic with the Logo mounted in dimensional letters in brushed aluminum.  This would allow for the color of the wall to come through.  Because ExeQuity has a logo also in blue (and very similar to the color the offices are painted) using a metallic face was a good choice.

Option 3)  The one they actually chose!  We made a back plate of brushed aluminum and a smaller front plate in clear acrylic.   We cut the acrylic face plate 1.5″ smaller than the aluminum to create a ‘border’ effect.  Lastly the logo and company tag line were back painted to match the company logo color and laser cut in acrylic.

The effect of the acrylic and aluminum lightens up the lobby area and complements the Thunder Blue paint.  Rather than taking away from the cherry wood furniture, the Lobby Sign complements the surroundings.  All in all this was a great success, and much to our delight, our clients were thrilled.

If you would like a custom designed Lobby Sign, give us a call.  We’ll come out and do a no charge site survey and renderings as well.  It would be our privilege!

Focal Point Signs & Imaging is located in Orange County, CA in the city of Costa Mesa near John Wayne Airport.  (714)204-0180

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Innovative Lobby Signs by Focal Point Signs & Imaging in Costa Mesa

Custom Interior Business Lobby Sign Orange County

It’s often said that you never have a second chance to make a first impression. This is so true. The lobby of your office or building space is often the first impression your clients, potential hires, and others have of you. As a Sign Manufacturing Company we took this to heart and went with a very high end Lobby Sign for our offices.

In this video you’ll see a wonderful example of using multiple materials to create a dimensional lobby sign with a highly polished look that gleams with fresh modern colors and pops off the wall with eye catching design.  I believe there are over 28 parts to the sign, so it’s a little more complicated than a traditional dimensional lobby sign, but the overall effect is stunning. As you walk past the sign, the look and feel of the sign changes. The way the light reflects off of the acrylic changes. The look of the dimensional pieces changes. This is a high impact sign.

The main pieces of the sign are made from light but durable gator foam custom painted with matching back painted acrylic facing. A brushed aluminum plate was affixed to a back plate of black PVC and topped with custom routed acrylic letters.

Lobby Signs are a specialty of ours. We love everything about this form of signage from the design concept to actual installation. Lobby signs are a true joy for us. If you would like a no charge site visit and consultation give us a call at 714-204-0180.