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The Power of Dimensional Lettering

Did you know that dimensional letter business signage is one of the most used forms of marketing in business? Dimensional letter signs are effective for both indoor and outdoor signage. They instantaneously enhance the look and appeal of your business. Dimensional letters business signage is available in acrylic, aluminum, metal, plastic, wood or high density foam.

While metal has proven to be the most durable by far due to its stability and endurance, if you are looking for a classic feel, then dimensional wood lettering is the option for you.

That being said, it is important to acknowledge that plastic dimensional letters offer an excellent choice for business owners who are looking into implementing effective custom dimensional letter signage while keeping their budget in check.

As for foam letters, they are very cost effective, lightweight, and easier to mount but keep in mind that they are only meant for interior use.

Acrylic dimensional letters are usually pricier than foam letters but can be designed with painted edges to provide a more noticeable depth.

Dimensional letters could be used in a lobby, on a building and at a trade show booth.  They are cut, shaped or molded to be three-dimensional which makes them more noticeable than flat painted lettering.

Does dimensional lettering seem interesting to you? If so, give us a call at (714) 204-0180 to help you learn more and make the best choice for your business.