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Your Brand Has a Voice – Differentiate Yourself

In a cluttered marketplace, chances are you are selling a service or product similar to at least one competitor. But does that mean that your branding approach has to be similar? Absolutely not.

It is your brand, your company, and your offerings. You get to choose how different you would like to be. It can take time and effort, but it is worthwhile. The way you differentiate yourself can help accelerate your growth.

Developing a key differentiator and projecting it through your branding and tone of voice are two essential steps in how well you define your company as an established brand in the market. Supporting who you are as a company, your brand voice helps you project personality and individuality as you build trust with your audience.

Developing your voice means having a clear understanding of your company values; but it also means being clear on who your target audience is and what kind of language and tone would be suitable for them. Your voice is present in your colors, logo, marketing collateral, customer service, email content, the size of your business signage, the creativity of your wall murals, the content of your website, the design of your vehicle wraps, and the elements of your trade show booth.

Once you are clear on your brand voice, your teams of employees, partners, and suppliers should be informed and given clear direction in terms of specifics in order for everyone to develop an in-depth appreciation of what your brand is all about.

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