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How Effective is Your Signage?

You have heard it before. If you are in business, it is very important that you plan to use signage as part of your marketing strategy.  A creative, well-put together and attractive sign can propel your business making it stand apart from your competition. A sign that includes your business’s logo can reinforce your brand.  Signs also draw attention to promotions and provide information about the company.

With the different types of signage, your options are endless. With exterior signage, you have the choice of a ground-mounted or building-mounted sign with different shapes and sizes to attract attention of passing drivers.  Strategic placement of your exterior signage can deliver a concise message to passing motorists.

As for your interior signage, it will serve for the purpose of identification and instruction within an office or store environment; as it will also support your visitors and employees.  As a silent salesperson, your signage will not only draw attention to your business but it will help provide direction to your customers within your store in addition to possibly lead to impulse purchases.

Are you ready to reconsider your current interior and exterior signage? Do you require guidance on new signage need? Let Focal Points Signs and Imaging help. Give us a call at 714-204-0180 or click here to email us.

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How to Make Custom Lobby Signs Memorable?

With a custom lobby sign, you have the ability to create a great first impression on your potential clients. A well-designed lobby sign can communicate your voice providing impression on how capable your company is. Your lobby sign allows you to advertise your brand and display the name of your business while improving perception of your products and services in order to differentiate you from the competition. It can simply ensure that the first impression you leave on your clients, vendors and prospects is a positive and memorable one.

With lobby signs, you have an unlimited list of options including dimensional letters, glass, wood, acrylic and metal. A lobby sign typically includes corporate logos and/or company name. That being said, you may want to consider looking into some interesting additions such as lighting, unusual backer panels and motion.

In order to design your custom lobby sign, we suggest that you share with us a photo of your lobby with the dimensions of the wall in addition to a logo file, color and material preferences. Such information will provide our team with direction to step into action and provide you with illustrations of what your sign will look like on the actual wall where it will hang. Click HERE or call us at 714-204-0180 to learn more about how we can help you?

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What Does Your Lobby Sign Say About Your Business?

Lobby Sign

One critical, but often overlooked, commercial signage accessory for Costa Mesa businesses, or any business in Orange County is the lobby sign.

A lobby sign usually features your Orange County business name and logo but more importantly, it is one of the first things your customers see when they enter your offices. Professional lobby signs in Newport Beach create the first impression you want your customers to remember and can have a significant impact on the success of your business.

If you are thinking about updating your lobby sign, keep the following tips in mind to create the best possible impression on your customers as soon as they walk through the door.

  • Always use neat, crisp fonts to maximize the readability of the lobby sign. Complicated lettering and extra embellishments can often make your business signage difficult to read and not stand out like it should.
  • Make sure the size of the lobby sign is appropriate for the size of the room to ensure the best possible visibility. The sign doesn’t need to be the size of a billboard but it should be easy to read from the moment a customer walks in the door.
  • As a general rule, keep the text to a minimum to create the biggest visual impact. Your business name and logo is often all you need to create a lasting impression on your customers.
  • Don’t forget about color. Bold colors that stand out and compliment the overall theme of your business are always the best choice. If multiple colors are going to be used, make sure the colors contrast each other and stand out from the background to maximize visual effect and increase readability.

You lobby sign should reflect the professionalism of your business while adding an aesthetically-pleasing touch to your lobby or waiting area.

If you would like to learn more about custom business signs in Costa Mesa or would like help selecting a design appropriate for your business, Contact Us or call 714-204-0180 for a FREE quote today.

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Wall Murals Drive Sales While Improving the Look of Your Business

Wall Murals Drive Sales While Improving the Look of Your Business

Wall murals aren’t just for sprucing up the look of a room in your home – they are an effective advertising tool for your business as well. The empty wall space on the outside of your office space can be used as an effective and affordable advertising tool with custom wall graphics for your Costa Mesa business. Likewise, well placed wall murals are an effective way to improve the inside of your office space by helping to create an atmosphere that will make your customers feel welcome.

Murals can be used to cover up otherwise unsightly areas of the office and serve as an excellent place to market new products in an attractive way that will leave a lasting impression.

An instant eye catcher that promote your business in a unique way, wall murals provide numerous benefits to your Orange County business including:

  • Capturing attention. If you want to grab the attention of potential customers while making your business easily identifiable, an exterior wall mural may be the answer. Murals allow you to convey your message more effectively than more traditional forms of advertisement while serving as a place marker for your business.
  • Standing out from the crowd.Modern business competitive and you likely struggle to compete with other businesses on price, service, and value every day. Custom outdoor signs in Newport Beach are an effective way to make your business stand out from the competition so that your business is the first stop for consumers. Wall murals also add a bit of personality to your business that customers will remember and appreciate.
  • Adding an artistic touch.Wall murals add a unique, genuine, and authentic feeling to any business. Customers will appreciate the added appeal that a custom wall mural brings to your office space – especially compared to the bland designs and empty walls being used by your competitors.

Wall murals are an effective and inexpensive way to advertise your business, products, or even a special event.

If you would like to learn more about wall murals and our other custom commercial signage solutions available in the Costa Mesa area, please call Focal Point Signs & Imaging today at 714-204-0180 or Contact Us for a FREE quote.

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Five Reasons to Choose an Outdoor LED Sign for Your Orange County Business

Outdoor LED Sign for Your Orange County Business

Outdoor LED signs in Orange County are an excellent way to catch the attention of pedestrians and drivers and are employed by numerous businesses with great success. Check out these five reasons why your business should be using LED signs to attract new customers.

  • Flexibility. Outdoor LED signs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to meet the needs of any business. From large billboard-style signs to small signs that let customers know about special events and sales, outdoor LED signs can be used effectively for just about any custom commercial signage in Huntington Beach.
  • Moving messages. Most LED signs allow the business owner to create long messages that scroll across the screen. This movement helps to grab the attention of people passing by and it also lets you communicate more information than otherwise possible with a static monument sign in Orange County.
  • Ease of use. Using modern computer equipment, it is extremely easy for a business owner to change the information displayed on the outdoor LED sign in a matter of minutes. The ability to quickly update the message keeps the content fresh and ensures continued interest from the customers you are trying to reach.
  • Location branding.Every business has exterior signage but not all signs are created equal. Make your location stand out from the crowd by employing a bright and attractive LED sign from Focal Point Signs & Imaging.
  • Color options.Modern LED technology means that LED signs can display just about any color you can imagine. This means you can customize the color scheme of your sign to match the colors of your business logo to create a custom business sign that will surely make your Orange County competitors jealous while leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

The economy isn’t very forgiving right now so you need to spend your advertising budget in the most effective ways possible. Custom outdoor LED signs from Focal Point Signs & Imaging is an excellent investment for your business that will help you attract the attention of customers despite being surrounded by a sea of competition. Call us at 714-204-0180 today for a FREE quote or to learn more about how an LED sign can improve the exterior façade of your business.

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Improve Your Business’ Curb Appeal with Exterior Signage

Exterior Signage

Signage should be an important consideration for your business.

Properly placed, attention-grabbing business signs identify your Costa Mesa company to customers and help your storefront stand out among the countless competitors looking to separate your customers from their money before you can.

Your business probably requires a few types of signs including monument signs, custom outdoor signs, and other exterior signage that both enhance and promote your brand.

Good exterior business signs make use of your logo or brand. This may mean incorporating your business’ color scheme into the design or it might include a shape that matches your company’s existing logo. Popular services and products that your business is known for can also be incorporated into exterior Orange County signage. Anything that will grab the eye of your customers while accurately representing your company brand or mission makes for a good design.

The last thing you want is a business banner that does a poor job of promoting your business. Exterior signs need to be placed in a highly visible location and the more the sign stands out, the more likely your customers are to remember that sign and subsequently, your business.

A good exterior sign serves as a place marker for your business. It also works as a way to continually advertise your brand, products, and services.

If you would like to learn more about how high-quality, professional commercial building signs from Focal Point Signs & Imaging in Costa Mesa can improve the look of your business, give us a call at 714-204-0180 or Contact Us for a FREE quote today.

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How to maintain Your Outdoor Signage

Leveraging your physical location for marketing opportunities through signage presence is very essential. Custom outdoor signage products and monument signs can be quite an investment and this is one of the main reasons why you should consider a continuous maintenance plan so they last for a long time.

High temperatures, freezing temperatures, windy conditions, and more… Mother Nature can definitely leave a damaging impact on your exterior signs. Depending on the material used to construct your signs, extreme weather conditions can cause expansion or contraction of your sign, which can result in wear and tear including easy breakage, rotting of wood or cracking of vinyl. Your outdoor signage should be made of durable material that withstands extreme weather. That being said, it is very essential to keep up with the maintenance of your sign. If a muddy rainy storm hits your region leaving dirt on your sign washing the dirt as soon as possible can help.

  • Regardless of the extreme weather, scheduling routine maintenance can also help:
  • Protectively coating your sign once a year
  • Wash your signage products more often
  • Attend to any peeling or cracking as soon as you take notice
  • Check the brackets that are attaching your signs, if applicable
  • While maintaining your signs can help save you money in the long run, a well-maintained sign leaves a last impression on your target audience.

Are you looking for a signage service? Let Focal Points Signs and Imaging help. Give us a call at 714-204-0180 or click here to email us.

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6 Signage Mistakes to Avoid

Your business and property signage should take priority as your focus your efforts on outlining and budgeting your marketing efforts. With the purpose to increase the public’s awareness and recognition of your presence, good interior, exterior, custom lobby and custom business signs should be approached with innovation and creativity for successful results. For your signage to be effective, they should be:

  • Well proportioned
  • Carefully balanced
  • Tastefully designed
  • And perfectly color-coordinated

In order to ensure effectiveness and increase the visibility level of your signage product, you may want to consider avoiding the following six mistakes:

  • Blending in surrounding environment
  • Not investing the necessary budget
  • Overloading it with lots of information
  • Having incorrect information
  • Not carefully thinking about the height of your sign making it difficult for by-passers and motorist to take notice
  • Not staying true to your brand

But the worst mistake you can make is not having a signage product to showcase your business. Signage is simply an excellent way to bring in new business. While the initial expense might not be part of your budget for this year, you need to keep in mind that having a strong presence through effective signage will pay off quickly and bring you new opportunities to increase your sales.

Do you have any questions about how to proceed with your signage needs? Let Focal Points Signs and Imaging help. Give us a call at 714-204-0180 or click here to email us.

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Ready to Make a Lasting Impression at Your Next Trade Show?

If you are gearing up for a trade show, the place where to start would be looking and identifying a reliable company that can deliver high quality trade show displays for your booth at a price you can afford.

We all know how hectic deadlines can be as you are preparing to showcase your business and offerings at a trade show. Therefore, it is important that the trade show company you choose is one that you can trust. You also want to align yourself with a company that offers only premium products that will give justice to your brand. Exceptional customer service and reliable results are key to consider as well when hiring a trade show company. The following are also some critical elements to keep in mind:

  • A company with focus on trade show displays
  • A company with the latest up-to-date equipment
  • A company with the capabilities to manufacture and print in-house
  • A company with a streamlined process that will reduce the turnaround times
  • A company with a support team that will help you address problems, in case any arise

Your goal should be to work with a trade show company that best suits your needs and that of your business increasing your chances of a successful experience and an outstanding trade show booth.

Are you getting ready for your next trade show? Let Focal Points Signs and Imaging help. Give us a call at 714-204-0180 or click here to email us.

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How Environmentally-Friendly is Your Company?

Being a green company comes with a huge load of responsibility towards the environment, your partners, your employees and your clients. That being said, it also means you going the extra mile to make sure that you meet the following tips to be more eco-friendly:

  • E-Communication – replace paper communication with emails.
  • Energy Star – Use energy star equipment.
  • Switch off – Switching off your equipment when not being used.
  • Sleep mode – Set your equipment to sleep mode

Click HERE for a more detailed list of eco-friendly solutions to consider.

That being said, when it comes to your marketing collaterals including brochures, signage, billboards, and more, you may want to consider:

  • Renewable materials
  • Natural fibers
  • Toxin-free finishes
  • Low-emission products

Furthermore, electric signs might be an option to consider especially the programmable electronic LED message boards or centers. LED uses less electricity than bulb units. You also may want to look at Latex Printing Options which will create odorless prints making it convenient and safe to be used indoors and outdoors as well.

At Focal Point Signs & Imaging, we strive to help green companies succeed at what they do. We are one of the few shops in Orange County to operate the HP Latex large format printer. We also offer banners printed on a biodegradable material as well as participate in the HP materials recycling program.

Got Green? Get Focal Point! Give us a call at 714-204-0180 or click here to email us.